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Towards Advanced Guidance and Control

FDCL tackles challenging real-world G&C problems for autonomous systems using advanced G&C techniques, with a special focus on military applications. FDCL is currently carrying out research on guidance, navigation, and control for various aerospace vehicles, including missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, space launch vehicles, and space airplane, etc. Our main focus is on guidance and control of guided missiles, flight control systems of unmanned aerial vehicles, and big data analytics & machine learning in aerospace applications. Computational guidance and control and trajectory optimization techniques are also being investigated.

Research Areas

Pillar #1 - Precision Guidance and Control (PG&C)

Our research is focused on the development of precision guidance and control techniques for missile defense, resuable space launch vehicles, asteroid interception, and other next-generation missions.

Pillar #2 - Intelligent Guidance and Control (IG&C)

We are striving to apply emerging technologies (such as big data analytics and machine learning) to solve real-world G&C problems.

Pillar #3 - Computational Guidance and Control (CG&C)

Our research is focused on building fundamental computational G&C frameworks such as real-time optimization techniques, optimization solvers, and validation methods.